Permanent jobs

Permanent jobs

Looking for a permanent job means you have a big decision ahead of you. The choice you make doesn’t just determine the work you will do but also the type of environment you will be in for a long time to come. It determines which people you will meet and which opportunities for development you will have. It is a big decision and it is important that you are well-informed about what a job and a company has to offer. 

The most important factor when deciding on a job – know yourself! 

Projob employs people who can advise you on which company will suit your requirements, however you also need to know yourself well! Please consider the following when making a decision: Go to the page: which type of working constellation suits you best?

Type of contract

For permanent jobs you may be offered a contract directly by the company where you have been placed. Initially, this might be a temporary contract. Your employer is permitted to offer you 3 temporary consecutive contracts and then a permanent contract must be issued. Now that there are more jobs on the market and fewer jobseekers there is a higher chance that your new employer will offer you a permanent contract more quickly.

Temporary jobs

Your new employer might also choose to have your first working period remunerated by Projob. In this case you will receive a temporary employment contract. Please see our page about temporary employment for details. 


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