flex pools

Work when it suits you

Working in a flex pool means that you are on call, usually for the same company. This type of work has the advantage that you are free to work whenever it suits you. 

You indicate how many hours you are available and, if necessary, amend this later. When you are called in you can still decide whether or not you wish to take on the job. 

Projob has set up flex pools for a number of companies, for example in the fashion industry where there are often vacancies in the warehouse.  

Working in a flex pool is ideal if you are a student or if you wish to earn some additional income. Usually the atmosphere in such a flex pool is one of camaraderie due to the teamwork involved. 


Temporary Employment Agreement

If you work in one of Projob’s flex pools you will be working under a temporary employment contract and you will be remunerated on a weekly basis. You can find more details on our temporary employment page.

Interested in finding out what our flex pool concept can offer you?