narrative coaching

Narrative coaching

Narrative coaching is a transformative process which revolves around creating the space for shifts in consciousness to occur. The narrative you tell yourself about yourself often subconsciously determines how you act and react to others or to situations, which in turn, influence the course of your life and your career. This is why we will examine your life story. Together we will uncover the common thread running through your story and your working life. The goal is to gain insight into your soul’s desire, your potential, your motivations and career perspectives but also into what keeps you imprisoned or obstructs your desired development. This will reveal (or will remind you again) of what your life’s goal, unique talents and calling are. 

When is narrative coaching of use?

  •  When someone is on the threshold of entering into a new phase/life change
  • When someone wishes to do something different with their life and change course but does not know how (or what)
  • When someone is seeking meaning to events in their life
  • When someone is unhappy but cannot find the words to express their feelings
  • If someone has forgotten where they come from and what their dreams are

Potential methods:

  • The hero’s journey in 12 stages (according to Joseph Campbell)
  • The 12 archetypes (according to Carol Pearson)
  • To bring to light the archetypal scenes in a person's life story – the one life plot question that can be distilled from this (according to Mieke Bouma)
  • Perspectives on a new inspiring personal myth (according to Mieke Bouma)
  • The power of writing your own story (according to Els Brouwer)

Our hourly rate is €125,- for individuals. For employers we charge custom rates.

Els Brouwer: coach and trainer

Els Brouwer has been working in the job market for over 30 years, the majority of which has been spent at Projob. At the same time Els is also a Storyteller, narrative coach and author of several books. She completed her Masters at the Storytelling Academy and went on to complete a supplementary course in narrative life story coaching at the same academy. 

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