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An outplacement trajectory is an active and expert support in the event of changes in the working environment. Whether your departure is voluntary or not an outplacement trajectory gives both you and your employer the chance to search for new possibilities with due care.

Your situation is unique, and for that reason every trajectory at Projob is custom work. Every trajectory is aimed at ensuring that on completion you have clear view on a new position on the labour market.

Two phases
An outplacement trajectory is comprised of two phases: Personal orientation and External orientation (concrete job-hunting and job coaching). In a personal discussion with you and, if appropriate, your employer, the right approach is discussed and agreed.

Once agreement has been reached, the procedure, the budget, the timing of any evaluations and the length of the trajectory are decided upon, so that what can be expected is known in advance.

One of the advantages of an outplacement trajectory at Projob is that from within the same organisation we can also provide mediation on the labour market. Thus, Projob's network can be of immediate assistance, free of charge.

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