Temporary jobs

Temporary jobs

Are you looking for a temporary job? If yes, we can help. Temporary employment can be handy if you need to bridge the gap between jobs or your studies. Or maybe you just prefer to sample several companies before you commit yourself. 

If you work on a temporary basis through Projob you will work under a temporary employment contract meaning that Projob will become your direct employer. You will be invited to visit our business support department where one of our business support staff will explain what it means to work under a temporary employment contract. You will be asked to provide a valid form of identification with your BSN (Dutch social security number) and your bank account details (please note that a drivers’ licence is not valid.) Projob is a member of the ABU (Union of Temping Agencies) and is therefore subject to the rules of the ABU Collective Labour Agreement. For you as a temporary employee this means you can count on Projob to guarantee that you get what you are entitled to such as holidays, holiday pay, pension scheme and training budget. We are proud of the fact that we always get top marks in audits!

How do you get paid?

As a temporary employee you will get your wages paid out on a weekly basis. You will have access to a digital system where you can fill in your hours which you can get signed off later. Simplicity is key! If you decide not to take on any more temporary work via us you can get your reserve funds for holidays and public holidays fund paid out immediately. 

Holiday pay is automatically remunerated in June. In addition, you can claim your holiday allowance four times per year.  

Flex pool

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