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Training Course Making an Entrance

Training Course Making an Entrance

How do you go from contact to contract? In this training you will learn the techniques to get existing or prospects to “bite.” We will support you on different levels: Helping to make you more assured and self-confident with your counterpart, considering your next steps in maintaining relationships and identifying and capitalising on opportunities. A practical training in convincing self-presentation, smart networking and increasing your likeability factor when winning new business.  

Topics on offer:

  • Creative introductions
  • Breathing techniques
  • Voice techniques
  • Bridge pitch
  • Mindset
  • Conversation techniques
  • Dealing with objection
  • Networking models
  • Building trust
  • Practicing case-studies

What will you learn?
You will be able to present yourself more decisively and with more conviction as you will have a clear idea of how others perceive you. You will learn to play to your strengths and to use these smartly in your network. 

Practical information

Duration: 2,5 hours- 3,5 hours (can be distributed over several sessions)
Numbers of participants: 1 - 6 participants
Inclusive of: materials
Location: Projob Amsterdam or incompany
Price: Customised price. Contact us for further details.

Nanke Kramer

Nanke Kramer MA founded her agency Kramer Communications in 2012. She combines a wide range of practical experience in the corporate world and the media with a thoroughly grounded base of professional knowledge. Through her diverse work experience, she has built up a high-quality, diverse network in the business and non-profit sectors. At Projob she has worked her way up to become a networking specialist. She started her career as a journalist and graduated in communication studies in the Netherlands and London. 

Esther Werneke

Esther Werneke founded EW-Projects in 2009 which specialises in creative and performing arts. She specialises in presentation techniques and public speaking. Esther has a background in advertising. She works as an (training) actress and director and has been on stage, large and small, for thirty years. As a specialist in the field of pitching, she gives both individual and group trainings and she works with Projob as a trainer and acting trainer. 

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