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Working via projob

Working via Projob

Looking for work that suits you and your vision of the future or simply looking for a temporary position to gain new experience or bridge a gap? We are happy to share our vacancies with you if you are the right person for the job!

Projob offers jobs in the administrative field such as: HR, secretarial, financial, marketing and communication, logistics, customer service and sales all at different levels and in line with what you are looking for.

Jobs at different levels and associated to your wishes!

Directly to the vacancies

Types of contracts

AIf you would like to find out more about potential types of contracts, see our website pages on:
Permanent vacancies, Temporary vacancies, Flex pools (side jobs) or Working as a freelancer.  

Permanent jobs

Looking for a permanent job means
you have a big decision ahead of you.

Temporary jobs

Are you looking for a temporary job?
If yes, we can help. 

Flex pools (temp jobs)

Working in a flex pool means that you are on call, 
usually for the same company. 

Working as a freelancer

Are you already a freelancer or 
are you considering making the step to become one