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Which type of working constellation suits you best?

Which type of working constellation suits you best?

Did you know that there are several forms of teamwork? It is, however, not only about how you work with others but also the value that you place upon teamwork itself. There are two factors which play a key role in teamwork: 

  • Personal interest
  • Interest of the group

What is your priority - Your personal interests or the interests of the group? Choose what comes to mind first and check below to see if it is true. It is important to understand what drives you the most. Whose interests do you prefer to serve? 

If you work in a team or company in which the interests of the group are prioritised then:

  • Standards and values play a major role but the rules of the game apply to everyone and you will also have to adhere to them 
  • Little value is placed on showing initiative and spontaneously deviating from the group is frowned upon
  • You know where you stand, what you are remunerated for and how your behaviour is judged 

If you work in a team or company where your personal interests are prioritised then: 

  • You will work in a more competitive atmosphere 
  • You will have more to do with colleagues who are often not involved in your everyday tasks (which may appeal to you). 
  • They will not necessarily be inclined to support you if you run into difficulties 
  • Survival of the fittest is the name of the game 
  • Developing initiatives that lead to success, even those off the beaten track, is valued 
  • It is not about the rules of the game but the KPI's - the goals to be achieved. Quality is not defined by standards and values but by the factors that lead to success

It is certainly important to know which of the above constellations drives you as this will help you to understand which type of company or team you will be most successful and happy in. But don’t forget - the biggest successes are achieved through teamwork where the interests of the group and the individual are in balance with one and other.