Business Development & Relationship Manager

  • Hbo
  • Amsterdam
  • Permanent
  • Parttime

This vacancy is no longer available. Click here for an overview of our open vacancies.

Companies and people coming from abroad to settle in the Netherlands love to get to know you!

About the company

Projob Company Onboarding (PCO) is a B2B network of reliable and professional companies and suppliers. Together they can offer a tailor made package of a variety of services to smaller and bigger companies. They cooperate in supporting other companies with starting up their business in the Netherlands. A unique business network where all members have the same goal: welcoming new international companies which migrate to the Netherlands and make them feel a part of the Dutch business community. PCO is founded by Projob, a labour market specialist, and is therefore also part of Projob's business model and services. The PCO team that selects the network, facilitates it with meetings and makes the first contacts with international relocating companies and relevant establishments, works in the Projob office located in Amsterdam Zuid.

Salary and hours per week

  • Salary: max. € 4000 based on 40 hours per week and depending on experience.
  • 24 hours per week
  • Start: As soon as possible

About the job

Companies and people coming from abroad to settle in the Netherlands love to get to know you, when you are working in this role. Are you ready to meet them too, advising them, offering services and connecting them with a great network of 30 partners in which you play a leading role?

You will work at the front of a network of 30 companies that can support these international migrating companies and people. These 30 companies, with a diversity of expertise and services, are your partners. For and with them, you put PCO on the map, search for and approach potential clients, bring in assignments, organise events, make up joined propositions and get things done. Doing business and connecting with knowledge, skills and fun, that's what your job is all about.

Why do we think you are the right person?

  • You have (preferably) previously worked in an organisation that supported international companies wanting to come to the Netherlands and advised them on how to find their way or connections.
  • You like doing Sales and acquisition but also maintains and strengthens relationships with existing partners and clients.
  • You are someone who easily makes contact and likes to look in a creative, strategic way for business opportunities and possibilities to achieve results for all parties.
  • You speak both English and Dutch.

That’s why we think you are the right person!

Why are we the right company for you?

  • Of course we would like to hear that from you too....
  • But we think we are, because we offer you a workplace in the Projob organisation that is all about working with passion and being result oriented (our two core values).
  • We offer a great team of colleagues (in addition to the network) that you can fall back on when you need support.
  • We like to get things done, be proactive, seize opportunities and celebrate each other's successes.
  • We offer you a great leading role in a network of interesting and fun partners.
  • We offer you the chance to contribute to a good business climate in the Netherlands for international companies. 

That’s why we think we are the right company for you!

There is much more to tell but we prefer to do that in an interview. Already good to know: the vacancy is for 24 hours a week, salary: max. € 4000 based on 40 hours per week and depending on experience. 


Are you interested in the position and do you have the required skills and experience? Please send us your CV with a letter of motivation. For more information feel free to call Els Brouwer at 020-5738300.