Marja Arendsen

Caring, Neat, Reliable, Sense of humor, Pleasant
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Chief Hospitality & Facility Officer

Marja Arendsen is chief hospitality & facility officer at Projob. She is part of the business support department in her administrative support role. You will also see Marja hard at work throughout the building as she is both the hostess and caterer for all training sessions, lunches and meetings and manager for everything in and around Projob's offices in terms of facilities. In addition to supporting the team, she acts as the social hub for the whole team. 

In a previous job, Marja learnt the art of decorating chocolate and making beautiful packaging. It was an eye-opener for her to discover that she enjoyed beautifying things. Since this time, she has made what she learnt an integral part of her job which is reflected in the beautifully decorated tables for lunches with clients at Projob. 

If you ask Marja what she is most proud of she says “I am proud of where I am now and that I have learned so much over the years and have grown into different roles within Projob. I feel like a happy person, despite the setbacks I have experienced in my life.” 

It is not surprising that Marja gets agitated when she sees sloppy work or people who leave a mess. And not to try to take over when somebody makes a mess of something! 

How do others see her? You hear the words caring, trustworthy, a good listener and a hard worker. 

As punctual as Marja is in her daily job, when she is with her best friends on holiday, she can stay up all night talking and having fun without needing to look at the clock!