Sonja Kos

Balanced, Conscientious, People-focused, Analytical, Persistent
T: +31205738333 | E: |

Senior Business Support Specialist

Sonja Kos is a Senior Business Support Specialist at Projob and can, when required, speak Danish to our international contacts - an unexpectedly interesting fun fact about Sonja! 

Studying Danish has given her more benefits than just the learning of a language. It has set the basis for a totally different mindset and has helped her to carry out assignments independently. This is seen clearly in how Sonja works and how her colleagues see her: As a strong process-oriented thinker, someone who thinks a few steps ahead and someone who ensures that what must be done gets done. 

After speaking to Sonja, it becomes clearly apparent that she has chosen a career close to her heart: “When I see people doing administrative work which I consider could be done faster and more efficiently I want to jump in and take over. I also get a lot of satisfaction from the Excel tables that I have to create regularly. I look at them with pride!” 

Her working day in Business Support often just flies by: “One moment it is 9am and when I look at the clock again it is 5.30 pm!”