Workshop dress to impress in business

Workshop Dress to impress in business

Decisions are often made on the basis of the likeability factor. Your appearance is the first thing that people notice and the last thing that people forget. You highlight your personal qualities through your appearance or, sometimes unfortunately do not do them justice. When you feel good you radiate more confidence which can lead to success in all areas of life. 

During this 1-1 interactive workshop you will discover and experience what the right colours and the right style can do for you. You will sit in front of a mirror and, with the help of different coloured cloth samples, be able to analyse which colours suit you best. By analysing this together you learn more about what colours can do for your whole personal look. You will also experience the impact of what certain colour combinations and styling can do for your image. 

This workshop offers you the opportunity to get the best out of your appearance. At the end you will receive a pocket-sized a compact colour swatch pack with a hand-out so you don’t forget. Beauty has never been so easy! 

Shereen Leissius

Shereen Leissius is the face behind SHAPE stylingbureau and has been a certified colour, clothing and image stylist adviser since 2004. Shereen helps her clients to make the best, most suitable choices when it comes to their appearance. Her consultations are done in a fun, relaxed environment where Shereen shares her knowledge and experience in a 1-1 personal setting. Click here for more information:

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