shereen leissius

Shereen Leissius

Let your internal development harmonise with your external appearance.

Shereen Leissius has an HR background and has been working as a (career) coach and trainer at Projob since 2010. Using her unique perspective on people in holistic terms both internally and externally, Shereen coaches and guides people in finding solutions, gaining insights and amassing confidence. She has in-depth knowledge of the job market and of companies (HR). 
Shereen is a certified HR Test instrument user of Thomas International and Pearson and works, amongst other things, with Ofman, Situational Management, Kolb learning styles and the STAR methodology.

In addition to career coaching, coaching, training and workshops, Shereen specialises in the following areas: 

  • Stress and burn-out coaching
  • Tailored outplacement
  • Management coaching
  • 1-hour Speed coaching
  • Image stylist (colour and styling advice which will inprove your image and increase your self-confidence)
  • Spouse and expat/expat partner support on the Dutch job market 
  • Tailored interview training (from CV to personal appearance)
  • Training/coaching in the English language 

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