Judith Meijer

Judith Meijer: (career)coach

For me as a (career) coach, the personal development of the individual comes first.

In 2007, Judith Meijer started her career in the labor market as a Recruitment Consultant at Projob. After around six years, she shifted her focus from recruitment to broader HR related activities and later toward coaching and training. She has built up substantial work experience and expertise in all these areas.

She attended several courses and training programs such as Energetic Coaching / Therapy and Master Yourself for personal self-analysis and is currently attending the study program Family and Organizational Constellation at the Academy for Constellations.

Judith describes herself as an intuitive coach with attention for energetic healing work. She puts this into practice by working from a holistic perspective that everything is energy and everything is connected: body, mind and soul. She is focused on progress and moving towards solutions from personal connection, empathy and decisive action. In this way, she helps people attain progress towards their desired situation.

Judith has acute knowledge of organizations and the changing job market when it comes to careers and skills. Her experience as an intuitive coach and her substantial experience in the job market make her a valuable career coach.

Practical information:

  • Contact data: 020-5738363 en coaching@projob.nl
  • Location: Projob, Van Baerlestraat 63 – 65, Amsterdam or on other premises if required

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