Els Brouwer

Sense of humor - Entrepreneurial - Artistic - Analytical
T: +31205738383 | E: companyonboarding@projob.nl |

Executive Director - Projob Company Onboarding

Els Brouwer is the Executive director of Projob Company Onboarding. Els is in her element when she is setting up and developing new concepts within Projob. She considers her role in the team as innovator and knowledge-sharer. Externally she assumes the role of negotiator. 

Els became hugely inspired when she trained to become a Chief Storytelling Officer at the Storytelling Academy. “All the different studies I had done in the past merged in this one course. As a child I was crazy about stories and kept a diary. I did an art course along the way because sometimes images affect me more than words do. The storytelling course helped me to teach people and companies to talk about their own experiences, changes they are experiencing or talk about themselves in an impactful way. What is there not to love!” 

The job market is all about spotting opportunities and responding to them. This, together with maximising the potential of a situation, is what makes Els tick. 

When you ask Els what she is proud of she says: “I was really proud but also somewhat intimidated when my first book was published. At the book launch in Amsterdam Zuid I suddenly found myself amongst family and friends as well as strangers who were all going to read my book. I did not get any sleep that night!

It stands to reason that time flies by for Els when she is writing, and, when she is spending time with her two children who she describes as “amazing people.”

Others see her as a hard worker with creative ideas, fanatic about games and someone who can cook really well!